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As travel writers on the No. Carolina NASCAR track

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Dean Hoch, Ed .D. University of California, Berkeley AKA "Berserkley,"1973
Nancy Hoch, M.Ed. Idaho State University



That’s what Dean and Nancy like to credit for whatever successes they’ve achieved in life.

They say it’s simply been a matter of creative collaboration, as well as some sure-fire synergism, applied in nearly everything they do and have done. This includes raising five sons, starting up several successful small businesses, as well as writing six books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles – all the while fulfilling a goal of traveling in all 50 states and all seven continents.

Their guiding philosophy is: Life is for experiences. Why keep having the same ones over and over again?

They add: “It ‘ain’t’ always been easy, but we’ve hung on through the rough spots, all the while doing our best to make life fun and exciting. We’re quick to acknowledge that we’ve been greatly blessed.”

Former travel agency owners and university educators, their focus is now on small business ventures and more particularly family, senior and intergenerational travel writing. Like Willie Nelson, they “just can’t wait to get on the road again”.

By the way, Hoch rhymes with Coke (not Pepsi)   :o)




  • Self-published book listed on the NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY“Recommended List of Books.” Enthusiastically reviewed by the BOSTON GLOBE, Rutgers University Press, New York Big Apple Parent’s Paper, Wilson Library Bulletin, and more.

  • Feature article written for PHI DELTA KAPPAN MAGAZINE reprinted in THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD (co-authored)


 2001 - Named to Who's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors & Poets
• Both born and raised in Pennsylvania
• Lived in California, Utah, Idaho and spent two years as school
  administrators in Samoa
• Owned & operated a travel agency and school of travel
• Traveled in all 50 states and to dozens of countries on all seven
  continents including Antartica!
Parents of five sons; grandparents of 22 wonderful "what else?"


ASJA - American Society of Journalists and Authors
One of the nation’s most pretigious writers organizations based in
New York City

Former Members: NATJA - North American Travel Journalists Association

Contact: dean.nancy@gmail.com
16 Dartmouth Ave
Pocatello, ID 83201